Monday, March 30, 2015

Kara Woskett Auckland Baby Photographer

I absolutely love photographing and capturing the gorgeousness of babies around 4-9 months. 

They are doing so many adorable things...
playing with their feet, sucking on their toes (amazing how flexible they are!) Finding their hands and feet and that they belong to them, so inquisitive about toys, objects etc, smiling and interacting with those around them, lying on their tummys, starting to sit up, and they have the cutest, rolls, little feet and hands, just soooo damn cute!!!

It is such a precious time to capture, don't miss it getting it all captured in stunning images you and your family will love looking back on!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kara Woskett Photographer Auckland Portrait Photographer - Children Ava and Sophia

 One of the reasons that I originally got into photography was being inspired looking through my Nanas gorgeous black and white prints of when she was little and her family. I love antique photographs
They were timeless, classic and simple.
Last night I had heaps of fun playing around in post production of pics of 
Ava and Sophia I took late yesterday afternoon.
(While I was supposed to be photographing things to sell on trade me! Whoops hehe)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kara Woskett Auckland Baby Children Photographer - March Mini Session Special

March Mini Session Special! 2 Days Only!
A great opportunity to capture your precious little cherubs
 in stunning, timeless images that you and your family will forever cherish.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kara Woskett Auckland Maternity Photographer - The miracle of another life

Pregnancy is such a special time,
 it still completely amazes me that we can create another human being.
It is a true miracle and one that is so nice to capture in stunning images.

Kara Woskett Auckland Family, Newborn Photographer - A newborn a miracle, love

Looking at family, sibling photos melts my heart and always makes me feel emotional when I photograph them.
So much love....

It is such a blessing the miracle of a precious little baby.

Kara Woskett Auckland Newborn Photographer - Precious Newborn Cherubs

So lovely to look back through images of the precious newborn babies I have had the pleasure to photograph, these are just a few of them. How lucky our world is to have these darling little cherubs in it

Kara Woskett Auckland Newborn Photographer - A Mothers Love

Love this pic.. 
A Mothers love and gorgeous baby Olivia very happy to be cuddled up in her Mums arms 
smile emoticon

 smile emoticon

Kara Woskett Auckland Newborn Photographer - Harper

I absolutely love capturing such a special time for people in their lives. Welcoming a precious newborn into the world, nothing can beat that! I was very excited to meet gorgeous Harper yesterday,!
Congratulations Thu and Truc, your girls are divine!!! 
It doesn't feel like it was that long ago I was photographing Madison as a newborn and now she is a big sister 

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Kara Woskett Auckland Newborn Photographer - Olivia

Nathan was a another cutie pie that I photographed as a newborn and is now a big brother to gorgeous Olivia!
Had lots of fun with Nathan, what a clever little 22 month old boy he is rattling off numbers and the alphabet 
smile emoticon
Congratulations Emily and Winston its was such a pleasure to see you all again and capture this very special time for you.

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Kara Woskett Auckland Newborn Photographer - Sam

What a lovely 1st week back at work I had, after being in Perth for last year. I had photographed my clients gorgeous children when they were newborns and now they all have little siblings smile emotic

I just love seeing the kiddies after photographing them when they were teny tiny newborns.
Alex is a little cutie, now 15 months old he is running around and talking, and I was lucky to get lots of cuddles from him smile emoticon

Congratulations Kate and Nick, what delightful boys you have x

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Kara Woskett Maternity Photographer Auckland - Thu and Madison

It was so lovely to see Thu and her gorgeous little girl Madison last week, I photographed Madison when she was just a little newborn, then 1 now she is 3 and going to be a big sister!! Thu you are looking radiant, I am so looking forward to meeting your precious baby girl once she is born!

Our gorgeous Sophia now 2 time goes by so fast!
Feel so grateful to have her in our lives, she brings so much joy, laughter and love. 
Love her so much xxx