Thursday, March 30, 2017

Portrait Photographer Auckland - Folio box and Prints - Kara Woskett Portraits

Photographs that will be forever cherished. Makes my heart so happy to give my clients their gorgeous handmade folio boxes that contain matted prints and digital files.
The photographs can be treasured in the box or are ready to be framed for the wall!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hand-painted backdrops - Kara Woskett Portraits

Love painting backdrops for the studio!!

Vintage shoes exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits

Love a bit of vintage!!
So much fun putting together outfits with all of the gorgeous garments, shoes, headpieces and hand painted backdrops, then creating stunning photographs, the options are endless!!
These shoes and many more available to wear during photoshoots, exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits.

Child Portrait Photographer - Kara Woskett Portraits

My little munchkin is growing up so fast, I took this portrait of her the other day and realised how much older she is.....suddenly!! 
Got a little you do ;)

The girls love looking through all the garments and headpieces and playing dress ups, what girl wouldn't!?
Love that they've got beautiful portraits as they're growing up, they each have a beautiful folio box with matted photographs that they will be able to look back on <3

Glamour Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

So excited to be back photographing, can't wait to get creative and use all the beautiful garments and hand-painted backdrops exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits!!!
These are just two of the many gorgeous dresses that clients can wear during their photoshoots.

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Newborn Children Family Photographer - Kara Woskett Portraits

Feel so very blessed to have been chosen to be these 3 darling childrens Mummy, pure love <3 <3 <3

So very proud of them all. 
Bodhi is such a lucky little boy to have them as his big sisters. Lifetime Besties :)
Looking forward to watching them grow together xxx

Newborn Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Sorry it's been very quite on my page over the past 6 months.

I would love to introduce our very precious baby boy Bodhi.
It has been a big journey for my family over the past 6 months, I was admitted to hospital at just 25 weeks with our 3rd baby due to having placenta previa, after spending 5 weeks in hospital, our darling baby boy ended up having to be born at 29 weeks, weighing just 1580grams He has done so amazingly well, we are very proud of him and everything he has been through, he is now a healthly, chubby cheeked, smiley 5month/9 week corrected (gets confusing!) baby. We are very blessed, our little miracle boy we love him so much <3

We will be forever grateful for the kind generosity of family and friends and the incredible midwifes, nurses, doctors and staff at Auckland hospitals Maternity and Nicu ward and Middlemoores Neotal ward, they have all been amazing both in their skills and their kindness. As much as it was hard to leave our darling boy it was comforting and reassuring to know he was in such great care. I have met so many lovely other patients and parents that have also been going through their own tough journeys, it has been a real eye opener in so many ways.
(The meaning of Bodhi is enlightenment and awakening which he and this journey has been)
I'm now back starting to photograph and take bookings!

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Maternity Newborn Photographer -Kara Woskett Portraits

I can't believe it has been a year since I photographed beautiful Rachel when she was pregnant with Connor and when he was just a tiny newborn. 
Now he has just turned 1 and I am so excited see him this Thursday to photograph his big milestone :)

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Mother Child Family Portrait Photographer - Kara Woskett Portraits

My very dear friend Kirsty and her super gorgeous little boy Mathew <3
Kirsty is such a beautiful person inside and out, and such a wonderful Mummy!!!
Love these 2 xx

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Family Glamour Photographer - Kara Woskett Portraits

Thinking of booking a photoshoot to celebrate Fathers Day!?
Mums it's a great opportunity to get one with your children at the same time!! Our families are everything, capture yours in stunning photographs that you will all forever cherish <3

Kara Woskett Portraits -

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Family Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Fathers Day is coming up!!
A great gift for all Dads is to capture the love between them and their children!
Not only it is it a gift for them but also for their children, photographs their children will cherish for their lifetime!

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Maternity Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portaits

Was an absolute pleasure to capture this very special time for beautiful and radiant Megan and her husband Ben, such a lovely couple! So very happy for them! Can't wait to meet their precious baby once he is born, not long now, exciting!!
Kara Woskett Portraits -

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Newborn Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Excited to use these beautiful new warps and headpieces this morning, she looked super gorgeous in them!
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Children Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Oh my goodness this beautiful darling girl Roseanne is sooo adorable!!!
She melted my heart <3 she is such a happy wee baby, with so many giggles and smiles.
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Glamour Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Abbey came in with her partner Anthony and their very adorable son Ashton, they are such a cool family we had so many laughs.
At the end of their photoshoot I persuaded her to do a couple of just her, so glad we did!!
She's gorgeous, has such beautiful eyes and is such a fun, loving, wonderful person and Mum!

Take time out, be pampered and feel your true beauty ladies, you totally deserve it!
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Glamour Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

LOVING the last cover of Vanity Fair!!
Photographed by the extremely talented Annie Leibovitz

Glamour Family Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

With Mothers Day coming up its a great time to treat yourself and or your Mum!

Mother and Daughter shoots are so much fun!!!
Such a great girly day to spend with your daughters, they will love it!!!

An experience that you will all forever cherish and stunning photographs that will be one of the most invaluable possessions you will each have.

Photoshoots include:
- Pre-consultion to design your photoshoot tailored especially for you
- 2-3 hour photoshoot
- Hair and Make-up 
- Gorgeous dress's and garments for each of you to wear
- 2 style changes
- Beautiful hand-painted backdrops to be photographed in front of
- Individuals and together
- Reveal, ordering session
- Stunning photographs that you will all forever cherish

Kara Woskett Portraits -
email -

Glamour Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

In love with this gorgeous gown that is available to wear during photoshoots, such beautiful detail and the back is stunning!!
Photographed in front of one of the handpainted backdrops, exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits.

With Mothers Day coming up it's a great time to treat yourself!
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Mother Daugther Family Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Thu and her darling girls Madison and Harper.
I feel so honored to of captured the milestones as Thu and Trucs family have grown. Their first daughter Madison when she was a newborn, when she was 1, when Thu was pregnant with Harper, when Harper was a newborn and now she is 1.

I was so looking forward to seeing them, we had so much fun during their photoshoot, the girls are so adorable :) I pursaded Thu to have one with her girls at the end and so glad we did! Love this image <3
Thu, Madison and Harper all wearing garments exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits.

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Newborn Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Can't get enough of my gorgeous nephew Beau, he's such a cutie. 
He looks so cosy and snuggly in these <3

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Newborn Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Just pulled up an image of my other darling nephew Laker when he was a newborn, so adorable the two of them!! <3
You make such handsome baby boys Nick and Bri!! xxx

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Newborn Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

So much love for my handsome and very adorable, little Nephew Beau <3 <3 <3
We have all been so excited to meet you, counting down the months then days until you were born, we all love you so much!!!!!
Congratulations to my little bro Nick, his beautiful wife Brianne and darling Laker xxoxoxo
So cool two boys, they are going to be such great mates :)

Baby Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits

Happy Friday everyone and an extra happy one it is, the sun is shinning and its a long weekend.

How gorgeous is 10 month old Ashton!!! 
Those beauituful big blue eyes, blonde hair and those little toothy pegs <3

He is so adorable, Abbey and Anthony you must be very proud parents and what lovely ones are you too, I can imagine you 3 must have lots of fun and laughter together :)

Family and friends are welcome to tag yourselves in the image.
(Images are not to be copy/pasted, cropped or altered in any way)

Beautiful garments - Kara Woskett Portraits

So many garments of beautiful feminine fabrics!!
All available for clients to wear during their photoshoot!

Kara Woskett Portraits -

Mother Daughter Photography - Kara Woskett Portraits

To all you Mums, do you have beautiful photographs with your children and your Mum?
Mothers Day is soon and what could be a better gift than taking time out for yourselves, being pampered, having your hair and make-up done, dressing in gorgeous feminine garments, feeling your true beauty and getting stunning photographs that you, your Mum and your children will forever cherish!
To book your session or for more details ring Kara on 0212852729 or email
To view more beautiful images visit

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Kara Woskett Portraits

Very excited to be sorting my music system for the studio!!
As my friends will know I'm not particuly good with technology but getting up with the play and I'm very excited!!! 
Have bought a ue boom and downloaded spotify, how cool is it! 
Yah to music!!!!

Now to create playlists, what would you like to hear during your photoshoot!?
Look forward to song,artist requests!!
Will definaltye be having Sia, could listen to her all day :)

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