Thursday, May 25, 2017

Glamour Photographer Headshots / Personal Branding - Kara Woskett Portraits - Hayley Marees Beauty

This girl!!! Wow! Such an amazing woman, so driven, with such passion and love for what she does! She has such wonderful energy, so bubbly and friendly and super talented!
Hayley came for new Headshots / Personal Branding Photos.
Was loads of fun, she is superwoman and does a variety of things so we did a couple of different outfit/style changes for a great variety of uses.
The images are lovely and wow how great does she look!!!!
When was the last time you updated your headshots?
What does your profile image say about you? Is it time to update!?

For anything beauty shes your woman!!!
Hayley Marees Beauty

Kara Woskett Portraits -

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Glamour Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Lace and Satin

Satin and lace's <3 First dress made, these gorgeous little dresses will be avaiable for little girls to wear during photoshoots, they're so lovely, excited to do variations on them, the possibilities are endless! This one crosses over at the back, so sweet <3
Exclusive to Kara Woskett Portriats.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Glamour Photographer - Kara Woskett Portraits Auckland - Vintage Lace

In loooooooove with this vintage lace I recently got, it is absolutely gorgeous, the colours and detail are exquisite! <3 <3 <3
Can't wait to make a garment for the studio with it and to photograph a client in it!!
The great thing to is that the colours change depending on what fabric is underneath and the backdrop its photographs on! The possibilities are endless <3
Photographed in front of the hand-painted backdrops exclusive to Kara Woskett Portriats.

Kara Woskett Portraits -

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Glamour Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits Photography - Mother Daugthers

I love doing different styles during photoshoots, the great thing is that every photoshoot is personally designed for each client.
Leanne and her twin girls Hayley and Samantha
A perfect Mothers day gift for your Mum and or for yourself!!
What better gift can there be than for a Mum to have some time for herself, be pampered, get her hair/makeup done, feel and see her true beauty and have stunning photographs of herself and with her loved ones.
Exist in photographs with your children, the photographs will be one of the most important thing they own!
I always think back to photographs of my grandparents, they are gorgeous and timeless and some over 100 years old, life is all about family, these will be photographs that will be cherished for your lifetime and for generations.
Kara Woskett Portraits -

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Kara Woskett Portraits Auckland

Glamour Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Twin Sisiters

These lovely ladies have just celebrated their 30th Birthday, beautiful twins Hayley and Samantha.
So nice to celebrate this milestone and also with some with their Mum, capturing stunning photographs that will be cherished!
Wearing garments exclusive to Kara Woskett Portraits.
If you need anything beauty check out Hayleys page
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Glamour, Glamour Photographer Auckland

Gamour Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Mother Daughters

It's an extra special month to celebrate Mums!
Had these super lovely ladies in the studio the other day for a Mother Daughter Photoshoot, was so much fun!
Leanne and her twin daughters Hayley and Samantha, she did a great job making these two didn't she!
Lianne said this is the first time that she has had a photograph with them since they were babies!
Love that they now have a recent photograph that they will all forever cherish :)
What better gift can there be this Mothers day than for a Mother to have some time to herself, a day for pampering, to celebrate everything about her, for feel and see her true beauty, that can sometimes be lost as she puts everyone else before her. Every Mother deserves to get stunning photographs of herself and with her children, photographs that will be one of the most important things each of them will own.
Do you have a photographs that your proud of, of you and your Mum and or Children!?
All garments available to wear exclusive at Kara Woskett Portraits
Kara Woskett Portraits -

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Mother and Baby

 My darling boy <3 I wanted you for so long, after trying for 3 years I didn't think we were going to be blessed with another precious baby, just when I thought that two children was what were meant to have, I was shocked to see "2 lines" I couldn't believe it!
Since then you and I have been through allot, there were many times I thought I might lose you, but you are our miracle baby, I feel so grateful everyday for you. Throughout this journey you have taught me so many things. You melt my heart, with your gorgeous smiles and those delightful chuckles as I kiss the crease of your neck, you are such a chilled out little dude, Mummy loves you so much. I will forever cherish this photograph, my happy healthy boy.
(Thank-you hubby for taking the photo, I know how much you love taking them once I've set it all up ;-) )

Maternity Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Jenna

It was such a pleasure to photograph this gorgeous Mummy to be, Jenna is looking so radiant and has such a cute baby bump, can't wait to meet her precious baby :)
So many beautiful images from her photoshoot!!