Thursday, May 25, 2017

Glamour Photographer Headshots / Personal Branding - Kara Woskett Portraits - Hayley Marees Beauty

This girl!!! Wow! Such an amazing woman, so driven, with such passion and love for what she does! She has such wonderful energy, so bubbly and friendly and super talented!
Hayley came for new Headshots / Personal Branding Photos.
Was loads of fun, she is superwoman and does a variety of things so we did a couple of different outfit/style changes for a great variety of uses.
The images are lovely and wow how great does she look!!!!
When was the last time you updated your headshots?
What does your profile image say about you? Is it time to update!?

For anything beauty shes your woman!!!
Hayley Marees Beauty

Kara Woskett Portraits -

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