Thursday, May 4, 2017

Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Mother and Baby

 My darling boy <3 I wanted you for so long, after trying for 3 years I didn't think we were going to be blessed with another precious baby, just when I thought that two children was what were meant to have, I was shocked to see "2 lines" I couldn't believe it!
Since then you and I have been through allot, there were many times I thought I might lose you, but you are our miracle baby, I feel so grateful everyday for you. Throughout this journey you have taught me so many things. You melt my heart, with your gorgeous smiles and those delightful chuckles as I kiss the crease of your neck, you are such a chilled out little dude, Mummy loves you so much. I will forever cherish this photograph, my happy healthy boy.
(Thank-you hubby for taking the photo, I know how much you love taking them once I've set it all up ;-) )

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