Sunday, September 10, 2017

Child Portrait Photographer Auckland - Kara Woskett Portraits - Sophia

Do you have beautiful timeless photographs of your children as they grow, 
moments, ages captured for all time.
Don't miss the opportunity to capture your children as they grow, 
photographs that will be forever cherished.
Celebrate life, Celebrate your Loved ones!
My Sweet Sophia, you fill my heart with so much love
You are such a little girl now, gone is the little Renaissance baby with delicious baby rolls ,the cheeky toddler with a mop of curly hair and in her place is a strong, 
assertive yet very caring and loving nearly 5 year old.
Mummy is so proud of you my darling, and must admit is a little sad (ok lots)

 that you are growing up so fast!.
Sophia's face lit up with a huge smile when she saw these, saying is that me!!! Oh look at me!
I love that we have these photographs to one day sit with her, in 10-20-30-40 years and look back on.

As much as life can get busy, stop take a moment and cherish every moment as it all goes by to quickly.
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